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Hey there! Neocat kirby

My name is Tom, but I often go by the nickname Stanford. I am 27 years old and do some stuff with the internet, striving to not be the reason for any catastrophic outages. This is working great so far! Just ignore the incident where I almost caused the LINX (London Internet Exchange) to go offline Neocat evil 3c

During my free time, I like to tinker around with the AS200950 to try out new ideas. But it is also used as the infrastructure to offer hosting and network services to anyone who’s interested. This includes running various public NTP and DNS servers as well as Tor exit nodes that allow you to browse the web with complete anonymity.

I also offer hosting for a bunch of other private projects, so if you’re in need of a server or any other hosting and network solution, or if you’re just curious about all the cool stuff, feel free to hit me up!

As you may have already guessed, I’m a big fan of using blobcat emojis, and I believe that everyone should do so! Neocat knive

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